Toothbrush Chew Toy

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FUN AND SAFETY - The dog toothbrush is made of natural rubber which is non-toxic and eco-friendly. The dog toothbrush toy is very comfortable for your dog. A must-have for dog owners, to keep your best friend's teeth clean and healthy!

THE BEST SOLUTION - Plaque and tartar buildup can lead to infection, and that could mean bacteria leaching into your dog's body. But, who has time to brush their dog's teeth every day? The dog teeth cleaning toys stick is designed to help keep dogs teeth clean between brushing. This puppy pal toothbrush stick is the best solution!

NOVEL DESIGN AND DURABLE RUBBER - This rubber toy is extremely durable. The rubber material is super thick and high quality, which covers with bristles on the top and has a holding base on the bottom. Rigid bristles helps to grind away plaque and can even add toothpaste easily. Paw base can be hold on the ground steady and allow dogs easy holding so that can encourage the dog chewing.

SWEET SCENT - Dog cleaning toothbrush toy infused with a fresh peppermint scent. This dog teeth cleaning toys is the best gift for your dog to chew it and will love it.


According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, 83% of dogs have oral health problems by the age of 3. That’s not surprising — gums and teeth are a breeding ground for bacteria. Over time, this can lead to bad breath, receding gums, significant pain, and tooth loss. But it gets worse.