Interactive Food Ball

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All dogs like treats so much that they’ll do tricks for them. That’s why the makers of this ball took advantage of that and created this fun feeder. What makes it different? It’s not your typical dog dish, that’s for sure. It’s a rubber ball that has grooves and small spikes where you can lodge treats or kibble in them. Your pet will be spending its time trying to remove those treats from the ball. At the same time, trying to do so will get some teeth cleaning and massaging its gums. There are times when dogs don’t like having their teeth cleaned because it irritates them. But with this rubber dog feeder, your pet is getting the treats it wants and at the same time, getting food particles in its mouth are getting a break down away from the teeth.

Aside from oral hygiene, the ball also acts as a chew toy if it’s just on its own. The rubber material can withstand the stress-induced abuse while playing with this pet feeder ball. It will also help you, as the owner to be more involved with your pet’s teeth hygiene, so you’ll know what’s happening with your dog. Cleaning this ball is also a breeze. There’s no need for complicated maintenance. All it needs is some soapy water or just with water. Just keep it clean so that you’re dog will also get to enjoy this ball over and over again.