In Memory of Jake

Our very loved dog Jake died on August 5, 2015. This website will always be in memory of him. A very loved and missed part of our family.Jake was born on November 30, 2009 Jake loved playing in water, he would bite the water in the water hose when we tried to water the yard or wash a car it was sometimes a difficult task because he wanted all the water for himself. Jake also liked to fish, we would cast our lines in and he would jump in the water and retrieve the fishing line, needless to say we didn’t catch many fish. Jake also loved apples and pears. We have apple and pear trees and Jake would look up into the trees and the fruit would catch his eye and he would jump to pick the fruit, then enjoy the fruits of his labor. Jake’s favorite hobby was the ball, and any ball would do. We always thought we would wear him out first by hitting the ball with a tennis racket to really send it flying but he would keep chasing it and bring it right back for more, he wore us out because he wouldn’t give up the chase. Jake liked to cuddle, he would climb right up in your lap all 120+ pounds just to be close to you. Jake had quite the personality and is missed very much.

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