How to Put Ear Drops in a Difficult or Aggressive Dog

Ear infections are a part of a dog’s life. If you have a fur baby, you may already be familiar with it. The ears of the dog get swollen and are difficult to treat. It is always advisable to get them checked by a vet instead of trying to apply home remedies or tonics.

Dog ears become painful due to infection and the harder you try to give him eardrops, the more your dog will resist and may even become aggressive.

In this situation, either you can take your pup to the vet for each does or you can try to do it yourself. And if you have as much trouble getting your dog to go to the vet as I do, you’ll probably want to learn how to do it at home.

Ways to Put Drops in Your Dog’s Ears

To help you with this task, here are some tips and ways where you can go through this process with ease:

    1. The first thing you can do to make your dog calm while putting eardrops in his ear is to rub your dog all over his body giving him a massage along with his ears so that he doesn’t get super sensitive when you are putting eardrops into his ears. It will be helpful if you keep the ear drops out of his sight so that he doesn’t panic or get anxious. Always give a tasty treat to your dog afterwards as a reward if he behaves well and doesn’t flinch to train him to behave next time as well and refuse to reward him if he behaves otherwise.
    2. Another way to put eardrops into your dog’s ears is to sneak up on him while he is sleeping. It is the easiest way and your dog won’t know what hit him. But you should be careful if your dog is sleep aggressive.
    3. You can also make a game out of this. Some people tend to sing a song and play with their dogs which make the dogs more willing to let you put the medicine into their ears. One particular lady I know starts singing while she pokes and massages different parts of her doggy’s body, then goes to open the refrigerator and makes the dog follow her. She then puts the medicine into the ears one by one, rubs the ears, and then again goes to the refrigerator and gives the dog his favorite baby carrots. The dog excitedly follows her in all this process as he thinks it is all a game.
    4. If it is still difficult to handle the dog, you can try to put a basket muzzle or a leash on your dog and take him to a corner so that he is not able to resist. After that, carefully put the medicinal drops into one ear and rub it. Make sure that he doesn’t shake the medicine out of his ear. Do the same process with the other ear and then give him his tasty treat. After a while, when he gets used to this habit, you can stop using the muzzle.
      Where to put ear drops for dogs


Points to Consider

  1. Giving treats to the dog as a reward is always useful but be careful, it may be possible your dog starts associating treats with pain which will be a lot worse than the current situation.
  2. You can also use cotton swabs instead of a dropper to avoid ear damage if your dog is not staying still.
  3. If you cannot handle your dog, it is advisable to go to the vet for help to avoid injuring your dog or yourself.
  4. Train your dog in letting you touch his ears when he gets healthy to ease out the process next time you are in this situation.
  5. Make a habit of cleaning your dog’s ears with swipes to make him used to it. This is also good for protecting his ears from recurring yeast infections.

We hope the tips mentioned above will help you in treating your dog and you will have a happy K9 buddy.


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