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Making Your Own Dog House

Are you interested in building a dog house for your pet? Do you want to have the best dog house out there? Then, probably you are interested to know the possible things you have to do as well as the different things you need to avoid when it comes to this. There are a lot of dog owners who have tried to make a dog house for their pet and this could be totally fun and enjoying at the same time especially if you truly love your pet.

Your dog would not be able to complain on the house you will make for them so you have to determine their own needs and preferences to be assured that they will be comfortable enough on the dog house you have prepared for them. In this article, you are going to know more about the different things you have to do and the different things you have to avoid to be assured that you will make the best dog house out there.

Things to Do

There are only some simple things that you have to do when making dog houses for your pet. This is important for you to know and understand as you would not want to have problems and bad experience as you start doing your tasks. The possible things you have to do include the following below:

  • Do know your dog more than anyone else. It is important that you will know the character of your dog as this could help you to easily determine the style and look of dog house best for you to make for him.
  • Do make researches for designs online. If you can’t come up with any ideas on the possible design you can make for the dog house then you are free to make use of the internet for that. There would be a lot for you to check and make sure to determine the most ideal for you.
  • Do know your own budget. This could be an investment for you to make so it is important to also know the budget you can spend in buying materials and other accessories needed for the dog house you will make.

Things to Avoid

On the other hand, there are also some things that you surely need to avoid when making dog houses. Some of those things are the following below:

  • Avoid too small dog
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Big Beds For Big Dogs

Dogs seemed to have proven all throughout the years that they are indeed man’s best friends. They usually joined their owners in their travels and cuddle with them at home, to make sure that they are of the perfect companion any owner would ever have. With all these enjoyment and protection dogs have been giving you, and then maybe it’s time for you to give him some comforts that it needs. Why don’t you buy him a nice crate so that he can live comfortably – at the same time, for him to feel a glimpse of luxury all over his shoulders?

If your dog is one of the bigger breeds like a German Shepherd, Great Dane, and Rottweiler, then chances will be they will be squeezing you out of the bed so it’s better to have their own personal beds so that they can sleep well, leading them to a good run the next morning. This is where extra large, extra large dog beds come into picture.

The Importance of the Bed Size

A lot of big dogs are very much prone to joint problems, especially in their spines and hips and is not good for them to strain themselves because just like a human being, they can have some disease called osteoporosis. That’s why there are many dog beds which have orthopedic support so that they can protect their bones from breaking down. If you are looking for a good dog bed crate, like the K9 Ballistics tuff bed, then choose the ones that has side pockets, reinforced seams, locking mechanisms and among many other features so that it could not only give your dog comfort during his sleep but also in his travels. Help your dogs to relax properly so that all the joints and muscles were properly supported.

Additionally, dogs tend to bite off everything they see especially your living room sofa, so for more protection, it is always better to have a bed on his own so that he could cuddle with it as long as he wants. Because of his biting ability, it is important that you should get a stronger bed so that the bed can last for a long time.

Types Available

Extra Large beds vary in many shapes. In order for what the best shape your dog can fit into, choose designs first in the internet for you to … Read the rest

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7 Dog House Designs

Just like us, it is also very important for our dogs to have their personal space which could make them comfortable most of the day and as an owner, we are very much responsible in providing that space to them by building a dog house that they can use. However, there could be different dog house designs for you to consider and choose from so make sure to know the different options you have to know the best for your dogs. In this article, you are going to determine the top 7 dog house designs that you should know.

# 1: Igloo Dog House

This kind of dog house is really common in countries where snow could be a part of their life already. If you are planning to own a dog that could stay in the snow and could live with it then this could be the perfect option for you to consider. This is commonly made with enough insulators that could help in protecting your dog and make them comfortable despite the cold outside.

# 2: Castle Dog House

If you have a female dog and would like her to feel like a princess then you can consider building a castle dog house for her. This is commonly based on the designs of the castles in the fairy tales and you would surely love it.

# 3: Large Dog House

Also, if your dog is really a large breed then it is best to get a large dog house whichis just enough to fit and accommodate your dog perfectly. Know the exact size of your dog and easily get to know the dog house which could be enough to make him totally comfortable.

# 4: Steel Dog House

There comes the steel dog house which is the most common options of many people who are interested in having a dog house that could be used for longer period of time. This is really perfect in Asian countries especially to those that are experiencing tropical weather. However, the steel may rusts as time passes by so make sure if it is really the best for you.

# 5: Farm Dog House

These kinds of dog house on the other hand are ideal to be used for those people who are living in the countryside. Surely, you would like to have a perfect dog house that could complement the style … Read the rest

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Types of Bark Collars

What Exactly Is A Bark Collar?

A “bark collar” is an electronic collar used for controlling the frequency of a dog’s barking. Though they often serve their primary purpose, some trainers have acclimated the anti-bark collars to control dog behavior, or to keep them within an “invisible fence”. Although there are multiple varieties of these collars, the main four categories that exist within the reach of today’s veterinary technology are scent-, ultrasonic-, haptic-, and shock-based.

Static Bark Collar (Shock Collars)

Considered the most effective collar, static collars, better known as “shock” or “buzz” collars, emit a mild electronic zap when the dog barks too frequently, by using a static field.

Most products operate by detecting a sound within the dog’s barking frequency (some collars offer calibration to recognize the dog’s bark), and lightly shocking the neck of the dog to get it to stop wailing.

Often times, the technology of these collars revolves around an attempt to get the dog to recognize the beeping tone prior to the shock, usually a 30-second window, to serve as a reminder to stop before it brings the pain to the dog’s neck again.

So, if my Sheltie yapped and the beep was triggered, the device will wait for a set amount of time and “listen” for the dog to bark again. If she chooses to continue, then ZAP. If she keeps going, the magnitude of the shocking will increase until she ceases her racket.

Haptic Bark Collar (Vibrating Collars)

These types of collars vibrate ferociously when they detect the dog barking. They can be used to control certain behaviors based on the vibration (for example: triggering the collar when the pet doesn’t obey your “sit” command), which can have its magnitude adjusted according to the temperament of your hound.

While some of these can pack a very big vibrating punch, they tend not to work on pets with long hair and/or a thick coat. They’ve also been proven to be less effective on large animals as opposed to small ones. Really, which dog do you think would be affected more by the punch of vibration: a mastiff or a mini-dachshund?

Scented Bark Collar (Citronella Collars)

Scent-emitting collars work by blasting a light spray of a strong scent (typically Citronella) into the face of the animal. Dogs that tend to be more aggressive usually do not respond to the … Read the rest

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In Memory of Jake

Our very loved dog Jake died on August 5, 2015. This website will always be in memory of him. A very loved and missed part of our family.Jake was born on November 30, 2009 Jake loved playing in water, he would bite the water in the water hose when we tried to water the yard or wash a car it was sometimes a difficult task because he wanted all the water for himself. Jake also liked to fish, we would cast our lines in and he would jump in the water and retrieve the fishing line, needless to say we didn’t catch many fish. Jake also loved apples and pears. We have apple and pear trees and Jake would look up into the trees and the fruit would catch his eye and he would jump to pick the fruit, then enjoy the fruits of his labor. Jake’s favorite hobby was the ball, and any ball would do. We always thought we would wear him out first by hitting the ball with a tennis racket to really send it flying but he would keep chasing it and bring it right back for more, he wore us out because he wouldn’t give up the chase. Jake liked to cuddle, he would climb right up in your lap all 120+ pounds just to be close to you. Jake had quite the personality and is missed very much.… Read the rest

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