Can Dogs Eat Pork Bones?

Can Dogs Have Pork Bones?

Don’t feed Dash that pork just yet!

When we think of our aminals, we think about what they eat and what makes them happy.

Whenever a child draws a picture of a dog, often times they will draw a classically shaped chicken bone next to their four-legged friend.Animal Dog Chewing Bone Canine Chewing Bone Pup

While many owners give their cats and dogs bones, many argue about the safety of giving a dog a bone and whether it is safe for dogs to eat pork.

I have been asked the question many times, “can dogs have pork bones?”

The truthful answer to that question is maybe.

The problem with bones is not the bone itself, but whether or not it is safe for them to eat.

Any pork bone you give your dog must be soft. If it is not then you run the risk of shards cutting the dogs throat and stomach.

Whatsmore, some dogs teeth are not strong enough to break the bone into small enough parts to safely eat a nice pork bone.

Is Pork Bad for Dogs?

Pork to me is a delicious and lean meat and I personally feed it to my dog.

He has never exhibited any stomach complaints and I have even given it to him raw.

The American Kennel Club indicates that this is not a yes-no question. The association is of the opinion raw pork is bad for dogs because of potential parasites in the meat known as Trichinella spiralis.

Some dogs have stronger stomachs than others but if you are nervous then don’t gamble with your pets life.

Is Pork Good for Dogs?

The general consensus is that pork is never good for your dog, and yet we see it as the basis for several dog foods both wet and dry, so how can this be?

The answer is simple, the pork is treated in certain ways that allow for dogs to safely consume the product. I have given my dog cooked pork on many occasions and experienced no issues, but not two dogs are the same.

If you wish to feed your dog pork, then try a small sample to see how it sits. If the dog doesn’t get sick and seems like they want more then try another bite.

When all is said and done, you are the dogs’ owner and their care is your responsibility, so if in doubt, don’t feed them pork or pork bones. Soft bones or rawhides are always your best first option to maintain a happy and loving fur baby!