Can Dogs Eat Salmon?

If you are a dog owner, you must realize that your pet’s life-long happiness and health lies in your hands so you better get things right from the start. This includes ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your dogs by being mindful on the foods that you are feeding them. When speaking about foods for dog, many are probably wondering if salmon for dogs is healthy and safe.

Is Salmon Good For Dogs?

You probably noticed that most dogs are interested in fishes. If your dog is a certified “seafoodie,” do not worry since most cooked fishes are ultimately safe for dogs including salmon. So if you’re to ask: “is salmon good for dogs?” or “can dogs eat cooked salmon?” The answer to these questions is definitely yes!


Cooked salmon provides enormous benefits for your dogs. This is one of the good reasons why you’ve probably seen it as one of the primary ingredients in both dry and wet foods. Salmon for dogs is ultimately excellent meal option because salmon is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids. These support immune system, decrease inflammation and can keep your dog’s coat healthy and shiny look.

Other good reasons why salmon for dogs can have salmon are:

  • Salmon is an excellent source of premium quality proteins and dog can benefit from these as part of their diet
  • Salmon is packed with essential minerals like zinc, potassium, and magnesium that help promote better dog health
  • Salmon helps keep unwanted allergies away and fight the existing one

Salmon is high in protein and low in fat but keep in mind that if human foods are given to dogs, these must be in moderation.

Is Salmon Bad For Dogs?

As mentioned, salmon is entirely safe and healthy for dogs, but these can be bad for your canine friend if:

  • Salmon is cooked with onions, garlic or other foods
  • If bones are not removed since these can scrape their esophagus and can cause choking
  • Raw salmon for dogs can be dangerous since this can lead to “Salmon Poisoning Disease” which is a specific dog disease caused mainly by a parasite found in salmon. This can also cause gastrointestinal issues to stomach upset and even death

Can Dogs Eat Canned Salmon?

Can dogs eat salmon? What about canned salmon for dogs? Is this safe for these canines? Feeding dogs with canned salmon is sometimes a practice carried out by some dog owners but if you are interested in feeding your dog with canned salmon, make sure to look for products canned in water and not canned in oil. You also need to choose low sodium options. However, individuals should not really rely on the canned salmon as the significant nutrition source for your dogs. Well-balanced and healthy food diet for your dogs is still the best.


So, can dogs eat salmon? Yes, your dog can eat salmon provided that salmon is cooked correctly without any toxic ingredient. Also, avoid serving it uncooked or raw and do not forget to remove the bones. Dogs can be at high risks for Salmon Poisoning Disease, so proper preparation is essential.

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